Bats & Broomsticks

The Gothic Guest House

Bats & Broomsticks Gothic Guest House - B&B

The Gothic and Victorian guest house Bats and Broomsticks is run by Tish & Kev and embraces Whitby’s vampire connections, the town being the setting for much of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.


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Welcome To Our Website

Here you will find information about Whitby's only Guest House which is completely dedicated to Victorian & Gothic decoration and caters specifically for the vast number of Goths and Gore-hounds who frequent the historic town of Whitby.

Of course 'Normals' are more than welcome to experience the splendour of our lush decoration and EVERYONE loves sleeping in a four poster bed!

With 15 years experience, we cater for those that are looking to stay in the area but require a unique experience - away from the norm!!